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About: Elisheva Blumberg
Full Name Elisheva Blumberg
Elisheva Blumberg
Elisheva Blumberg is a marketing consultant, fashion journalist, and a stay-at-home-yet-always-working mom. With a BS in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology, she is enthralled by pretty perfumes and the magic of the makeup counter. Visit her blog, Bellabusta (, where she writes about fashion, style, and a bissel beauty.

Posts by Elisheva Blumberg:

  • Jun 26 2014
    Five Reasons This Stay At Home Mom Loves Her Stupid Phone

    I get a new phone every few months. I’m just cool like that. Nope. That was a lie. I’m actually kind of a nerd–and I don’t mean the I-have-a-tech-startup-and-wear-hipster-glasses-to-be-ironic kind of nerd. I’m talking the I-go-birdwatching-every-Sunday kind of nerd. So why do … Continue reading


  • Jun 19 2014
    Prayers for Preemie With The Help of Google

    The last thing I told her before it happened was, “Oh my goodness, Aliza, you’re so tiny! You’re barely showing!” My oldest childhood friend was starting her sixth month of pregnancy, and she had the cutest baby belly I had … Continue reading


  • Apr 25 2013
    I Hate All Women’s Magazines

    To say that my husband is an avid magazine reader would be an understatement. He amasses magazine subscriptions the same way my 4-year-old devours candy at his grandma’s house–indiscriminately and in extremely large doses. Bloomberg, Businessweek, Popular Science, Architectural Digest, … Continue reading



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