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About: Jaime Walman
Full Name Jaime Walman
Jaime Walman
Jaime returned home to Toronto after eight years of studying, living and working in Israel, Boston, New York and LA. A recovering Jewish professional, she now works as a Director of Projects at a social purpose business called Public. When not chasing after one of her three children, you can find her out for a run, drinking fabulous coffee or licking the icing off the cake (but not all at the same time). Most recently, the birth of her third child during a multi-day power outage, followed by a massive flood in her house, has inspired Jaime to pick up the pen again. You can find her blogging at

Posts by Jaime Walman:

  • Aug 5 2014
    Why is There No Ritual For the Completion of a Family?

    “Are you sure?” my OB asked at my very first appointment. “Yes,” I replied without hesitation. “Absolutely.” Joking about my husband, the rabbi, she scheduled my third C-section for December 24th because “of course, the rabbi’s kid should be born on Christmas eve.” I laughed and then immediately requested that my tubes be … Continue reading


  • Jun 6 2014
    When the Rabbi’s Wife Doesn’t Believe in God

    What do you do when your power goes out for six days in the middle of an epic ice storm, coating the streets of Toronto in a polar vortex, and you’re 40 weeks pregnant? And then you give birth to … Continue reading



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