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About: Nicki Gilbert
Full Name Nicki Gilbert
Nicki Gilbert
South African by chance and Californian by choice, Nicki Gilbert lives in the Bay Area with her husband, four kids and an aging dachshund. With dreams of reporting live on CNN, she majored in Drama and Journalism at Rhodes University in South Africa, met a boy, married him and moved almost 180 degrees west to San Francisco, to live her life as a wife, marketer, event coordinator, non-profit board member, and eventually stay-at-home mom. There was very little writing and even less acting during those years. Last year Nicki started blogging for Times of Israel, and now writes on her own website Red Boots--from dancing to walking and everything in between, and beyond. As a reluctant yet full-time, barely-at-home mom, writer, avid reader, country music lover and wannabe surf diva, she writes to keep perspective about it all. With tears, humor, skepticism, love, pain and truth. Follow her at and on Twitter @nixgilbertca.

Posts by Nicki Gilbert:

  • Jul 17 2014
    We Came For a Bar Mitzvah, But What We Got Was a War

    We came to Israel this summer to celebrate. And for many other reasons, too. Because our kids had never been and we wanted to show them the land of their people, because we love beach vacations and no matter where … Continue reading


  • Jul 10 2014
    On Vacation In Israel in the Midst of a War

    The turquoise Mediterranean glittered in the late afternoon sun. Smoky barbecue drifted toward me as I helped my daughter and her cousin build sandcastles. No English for one and no Hebrew for the other, they built a beautiful, sandy city together with nods and smiles, gestures and touches. Up … Continue reading


  • Jun 18 2014
    My Son Has a Secret Life on Skype

    Did you know “nvm” means “never mind”? I didn’t. My almost-teenage son explained that to me. When he texted me to ask how he could get my online signature for a board he’s applying to. But when I didn’t reply … Continue reading


  • May 14 2014
    Your Old Mom Is No Longer Available–Try This One

    Sweet face. Naughty smile. Huge brown sparkling eyes that stared straight into mine. We’re not usually at eye-level. He’s only 5. “Will you, Mom? Get me the sunscreen? Now? Will you get it for me now?” We were having this … Continue reading



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