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About: Nina Badzin
Full Name Nina Badzin
Nina Badzin
Nina Badzin lives in Minneapolis with her husband and four children. She's a contributing writer at Brain, Child Magazine's site and a freelance writer with essays and short stories in various literary journals and anthologies. She tweets at @NinaBadzin, blogs regularly at, and in on Facebook at

Posts by Nina Badzin:

  • Nov 29 2012
    How to Do 8 Nights of Hanukkah Without Creating Spoiled Brats

    The Hanukkah I see in children’s books demonstrates families playing dreidel and eating latkes while the menorah shines brilliantly in the window. Then there’s the inevitable illustration of the kids’ utter elation when the parents unveil a bag of gelt … Continue reading


  • Nov 6 2012
    A Birthday Party Without Presents?

    As I was planning my daughter’s 6th birthday, I had to ask myself why so many of us continue to throw big parties complete with an enormous pile of presents. I recognize that the parties are large to avoid hurt … Continue reading


  • Oct 15 2012
    Name the Next Kveller Baby

    Fellow baby name fanatics: We have an assignment, and we can’t waste any time. Kveller’s editor, Deborah Kolben, is due in early November, and she wants our help. This baby girl will not go without the perfect name. Not on … Continue reading


  • Sep 19 2012
    My 3-Year-Old is Sexy & She Knows It

    My husband and I have been disagreeing about the music we let our kids listen to in the car. Bryan’s concerned that kids today know too much too soon. Keeping their song choices “wholesome,” he continues to argue, will help them … Continue reading


  • Aug 10 2012
    Friday Night: Committing to This Shabbat Thing

    Five years ago my husband and I completely ignored Shabbat for the last time. Eager to arrive at our friend’s 30th birthday party, we kissed our (then) 3-year-old son and baby girl goodnight, gave the sitter cash for pizza, and … Continue reading


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