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About: Renee Septimus
Full Name Renee Septimus
Renee Septimus
Renée Septimus is a social worker and Jewish educator. She lives with her husband Joe on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and is the very proud mom of four married children and a savta (that's Hebrew for grandmother) to a (growing) bunch of absolutely perfect grandchildren!

Posts by Renee Septimus:

  • Jan 2 2013
    Don’t Outsource Your Etiquette

    The front page of the New York Times Home section promised an article on “Teaching Children Manners: Etiquette courses are springing up for parents short on time or nerve.” Well, that’s interesting, I thought. If a parent is that short … Continue reading


  • Dec 21 2012
    Don’t Forget About Your Marriage

    We’re thinking of going on a trip to Russia. I suddenly realized that I have no idea what happened to the arch villain of my youth, the Soviet Union. I know it broke apart, but why and when I can’t … Continue reading


  • Dec 6 2012
    I Never Liked Hanukkah, But I Do Like Tzedakah

    So–it’s almost Hanukkah, just about everyone’s favorite holiday. Gifts, gelt (Yidd., money), no fasting, no standing in shul for hours, no cooking for big family meals, nice lighting-the-menorah ritual. Well, I never liked it. Despite the gifts, I didn’t like … Continue reading


  • Nov 12 2012
    How to Raise Mentsches, Not Bullies

    The preschool teacher sent a nice note home: My delicious (OK, that’s my word) 2-year-old grandson L. had noticed that his classmate’s nose was running so he got a tissue and started to wipe the kid’s nose before the teacher … Continue reading


  • Oct 18 2012
    My Orthodoxy Doesn’t Look Like That Orthodoxy

    Everyone takes their own journey and I was interested in Yael Armstrong’s account of hers. I was sorry, though, that she did not distinguish among the different types of Orthodoxy in the Jewish community. Because despite the fact that “Orthodox” … Continue reading


  • Oct 17 2012
    Do Kids These Days Have Any Manners?

    Oy. Did I cringe reading the piece in the Sunday’s New York Times about the bad behavior at bar and bat mitzvahs! A shanda! (Although why the Times thought that article was worthy of publication has me bewildered.) I’ve been to … Continue reading


  • Sep 19 2012
    Yom Kippur: A Time for Some Serious Thinking

    Jessica Hoffman’s recent post about her favorite children’s story, The Apple Tree’s Discovery, made me think about my favorite children’s book, Yussel’s Prayer. I did not go to shul (synagogue) for about 20 years as my children were growing up. … Continue reading


  • Sep 4 2012
    Maternity Leave Isn’t Fair

    No one wants to consider pregnancy and birth as “illnesses” and yet maternity leave is, for working women, the equivalent of prolonged sick leave. I have a problem with that. Although women do need to recuperate from birth, and need … Continue reading


  • Aug 31 2012
    One Day, You’ll Want to Remember

    Close your eyes. Relax. Focus on your breath. Be present. Be in the moment. Those directions for meditation could well apply to parenthood. It goes fast. It really, really goes fast. Be present so that one day you’ll remember, and … Continue reading


  • Aug 14 2012
    The Importance of a Good Pediatrician

    I just learned that Dr. B., the pediatrician who took care of my children, died in January. He was the senior partner in a four man group when I first walked into the office with my 8-month-old daughter, my first … Continue reading


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