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About: Renee Septimus
Full Name Renee Septimus
Renee Septimus
Renée Septimus is a social worker and Jewish educator. She lives with her husband Joe on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and is the very proud mom of four married children and a savta (that's Hebrew for grandmother) to a (growing) bunch of absolutely perfect grandchildren!

Posts by Renee Septimus:

  • Feb 1 2013
    Friday Night: Reuniting with Dad on Shabbat

    Tamara’s experience of Friday night, erev Shabbos, is very different than my own. To me, as a young child, Friday night was extra special precisely because my father was always there. When I was a kid, my father traveled for … Continue reading


  • Jan 23 2013
    It’s Always Wrong to Spank (And I Regret Every Time I’ve Done It)

    In my opinion, it is always wrong to spank your children. Even a single shmeits (Yiddish, slap). And let’s call it what it is: spanking means hitting. “Giving a spanking” means hitting repeatedly. It is an abuse of parental power … Continue reading


  • Jan 4 2013
    How to Readjust Your Marriage

    Erica Fleischer is OK with her husband working for a porn site. Heck, I wouldn’t be OK if my husband were a Republican. Which got me thinking (again) about marriages, especially as my anniversary was this week. When we choose … Continue reading


  • Jan 2 2013
    Don’t Outsource Your Etiquette

    The front page of the New York Times Home section promised an article on “Teaching Children Manners: Etiquette courses are springing up for parents short on time or nerve.” Well, that’s interesting, I thought. If a parent is that short … Continue reading


  • Dec 21 2012
    Don’t Forget About Your Marriage

    We’re thinking of going on a trip to Russia. I suddenly realized that I have no idea what happened to the arch villain of my youth, the Soviet Union. I know it broke apart, but why and when I can’t … Continue reading


  • Dec 6 2012
    I Never Liked Hanukkah, But I Do Like Tzedakah

    So–it’s almost Hanukkah, just about everyone’s favorite holiday. Gifts, gelt (Yidd., money), no fasting, no standing in shul for hours, no cooking for big family meals, nice lighting-the-menorah ritual. Well, I never liked it. Despite the gifts, I didn’t like … Continue reading


  • Nov 12 2012
    How to Raise Mentsches, Not Bullies

    The preschool teacher sent a nice note home: My delicious (OK, that’s my word) 2-year-old grandson L. had noticed that his classmate’s nose was running so he got a tissue and started to wipe the kid’s nose before the teacher … Continue reading


  • Oct 18 2012
    My Orthodoxy Doesn’t Look Like That Orthodoxy

    Everyone takes their own journey and I was interested in Yael Armstrong’s account of hers. I was sorry, though, that she did not distinguish among the different types of Orthodoxy in the Jewish community. Because despite the fact that “Orthodox” … Continue reading


  • Oct 17 2012
    Do Kids These Days Have Any Manners?

    Oy. Did I cringe reading the piece in the Sunday’s New York Times about the bad behavior at bar and bat mitzvahs! A shanda! (Although why the Times thought that article was worthy of publication has me bewildered.) I’ve been to … Continue reading


  • Sep 19 2012
    Yom Kippur: A Time for Some Serious Thinking

    Jessica Hoffman’s recent post about her favorite children’s story, The Apple Tree’s Discovery, made me think about my favorite children’s book, Yussel’s Prayer. I did not go to shul (synagogue) for about 20 years as my children were growing up. … Continue reading


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