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Dec 3 2012

Hanukkah Gift Guide 2012: For Dads

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Dads are notoriously the most difficult people to shop for. If you’re tired of gifting a different tie for the 15th year in a row, consider some of these fun ideas, all available at ModernTribe.

lasso rope wine bottle holder

If dad is a fan of the Wild West (or wine), pair up a nice bottle of wine with this fantastic Lasso Wine Holder ($32). The holder seems to defy gravity and is the perfect conversation starter for any room.

football yarmulke

If dad isn’t quite a cowboy but follows the Cowboys fanatically, this Football Kippah ($12) is perfect for his keppe.

grey t-shirt for dad

For the dad that is a real mensch, let him know you appreciate him with this Amalgamated Menschen International T-Shirt ($27.95). It looks just serious enough for dad to get some well-earned respect.

black picture frame

This Chalk Board Frame ($24.95) is the perfect desktop accessory for dad’s office. Let the kids decorate it and redecorate it every time they visit.

poker chip gelt

If dad is a high roller, he’ll definitely get a kick out of these High Roller Coins ($14.00), poker chips made out of minty dark chocolate. They’ll make the stakes in any dreidel game much higher. dark bike chain menorah

If dad is an eco-friendly bike rider who loves to recycle, and he is in the market for a new menorah, consider this innovative Recycled Bicycle Chain Menorah ($27). Made of used bike chains, this menorah is both whimsical and rustic.

retro TV pillow

If you’ve got a couch potato on your hands, let him enjoy his shows in style with this Retro TV Pillow ($28). It’s old-fashioned look will remind him of the good old days before his kids made him watch Yo Gabba Gabba!

blue menorah pattern tie

Finally, if you absolutely must uphold the tie-giving tradition, at least consider making sure the accessory is festive by giving dad a Menorah Necktie ($39) this year.

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