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Oct 18 2013

Hits of the Week: October 14-October 18

By at 5:05 pm

This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.


- Why I Let My Kids See Me Naked. Sarah Tuttle-Singer thinks its important to show your kids your body (imperfections and all) when they’re young in order to kick start their minds with healthy body image as they grow older in our skinny-fixated world.

Mayim, The Ex, & the Kids Do Disneyland. Mayim, the ex-husband, her boys, and the mother-in-law all united for a trip to Disneyland this past week. She ended the fun and hectic occasion with a nice glass of wine, Mayim style.

- Three Things NOT to Say to Someone Going Through a Divorce. Pia Kutten lays out the etiquette to follow when trying to console someone going through a divorce. For starters, DO NOT tell them how sorry you are.

- What Nesting Looks Like..For the Fifth Child. Jordana Horn is preparing for her fifth baby, so by now she is a nesting pro. She explains what it’s like to nest this time around, and how she’s enjoying the last few days with her four children.

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