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Aug 30 2013

Kveller Hits of the Week: August 26 – 30

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This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed of kveller 8/30/13

- My Summer Brain Tumor. Rebecca’s summer of teaching science at a Jewish summer camp was interrupted when, after a series of severe dizzy spells, it was discovered she had a brain tumor.

- What My 10-Year-Old Son Knows About Rape So Far. Danielle lives in a college town, and the more her son picks up on some college students’ overt sexuality, she decided to start having conversations with him about rape.

- Will My Son Be the Only Black Jew in High School?┬áBeing black and Jewish means he’ll usually be in a minority, but Alina wonders whether the private high school she’s sending him to will be diverse enough for him to feel comfortable.

- On Modesty, Bikinis & Raising Little Girls. In response to a recent post about a 10-year-old girl getting caught wearing a bikini, Mayim shares her thoughts on modesty and where to draw the line for little girls.

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