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May 10 2013

Kveller Hits of the Week: May 6 – 10

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This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.

kveller hits 5/10/13

My God Rants Are Rubbing Off On My Kids. Pia is going through a lot: a divorce underway, she lost her job, her father is sick, etc. So, she hasn’t been so happy with God, and now she knows her kids can tell.

When Mom Gets a Tattoo. With kids aged 22, 19, and 3, the one thing Gayle’s learned is how fast time flies by. So, she got a tattoo to commemorate her kids, to remind herself that while they will move on, she will always be their permanent home.

How a Mormon Teaches Her Child to Pray. As part of our ongoing series about God and kids, Joyce tells her how she’s making sure her Mormon faith will be passed down to her son–by teaching him to pray.

That Time I Tried to Go to Paris. Mayim Bialik was supposed to be off on a flight to Paris, but when her friend jokingly asked if she had packed her passport, she realized no, she most definitely did not.

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