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Aug 19 2014

Kveller Kids Say the Darnedest Things… About Death

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Kids are so unknowingly profound, if only adults would listen!

We’d like to announce a weekly series in which you get to kvell about the clever, cute, and just plain hilarious things that come out of your pint-size professor’s mouth. Each week, we’ll ask on Facebook about the funniest thing you heard all week, and you’ll send us the name, age, and quote of your child. The top three will get featured here on the blog–so start writing them down.

The top three comments from last week were strangely morbid. Check it out:

1. Bunny W.–I was lying on the couch for a few minutes and my son patted my arm and whispered sweetly, “RIP Mama.” (Seth, age 8)

2. Lisa O.–“Do you promise I can have this necklace when you’re dead?” (4-year-old)

3. Michelle R.–“There is this cream that makes you look 10 years younger, so if I use it I will be invisible!” (Gabriel, age 8)

Jeez, kids, we’re not that old!

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