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Jul 1 2013

News Roundup: Birth in America is ridiculously expensive

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All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.


-The American way of birth is the costliest in the world. Other countries do it better for less money. What are we doing wrong? (New York Times)

-Why do some deprived children seem to do so much better than others? Is it something about their individual temperament or their particular environment? The answer comes downs to dandelions and orchids. (Wall Street Journal)

-By now you probably know all about Edie Windsor, the octegenarian whose lawsuit led to the defeat of DOMA. What you might not know is the life story of her Jewish late wife, Thea Spyer, in whose name Windsor fought for marriage equality. (The Jewniverse)

-Boys with sisters are less likely to do chores when they grow up? (The Atlantic)

-Former Sassy editor, Jane Pratt, writes about almost taking her 1o-year-old daughter to a sex shop. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea lady. (Slate)

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