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Jun 4 2012

News Roundup: The Original Attachment Parenting, Transgender Toddlers

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This week’s Jewish parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read.kveller news roundup

– Before Dr. Sears and controversial TIME Magazine covers, the founders of attachment parenting had little to say about the hot button issues–extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping, etc.–that are focused on today. (Atlantic)

– Are certain reasons better than others for a woman to get an abortion? On Slate’s XXfactor, the recent uproar over sex-selective abortions–and the left’s unusual response to the issue–is thoroughly explored. (Slate)

– Research suggests that running a fever during pregnancy is associated with the risk of austism spectrum disorders and developmental delays. (NYT)

– What happens when your child, as young as age 3, starts showing signs of youth transgenderism? A fascinating article from New York Magazine. (NYM)

– Oprah’s Book Club is back, so we suspect a lot of you will soon be talking about her first pick, the memoir Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Happy reading! (NYT)

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