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Nov 6 2012

Photos from Hurricane Sandy’s Damage in Long Beach

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flooded playground from sandy long beach

Magnolia Park, post-Sandy.

On the eve of Hurricane Sandy, I sent my husband to Long Beach to bring my parents to my Northern New Jersey home. The local government was evacuating the island but my parents refused to leave. They said last year, they blew Irene out of proportion and nothing was going to happen. I was livid. So very very worried. And then the storm hit.

My brother went out to Long Beach on Tuesday morning to rescue them. Except, my parents were safe. Their home was one of the only ones that was NEVER touched by water. But for now Long Beach is devastated. The National Guard is roaming the streets. There is no power, no cell service, no sewer system. Broken shards of boardwalk are strewn all over the city.

The following photos were taken by my brother and his Long Beach friends during and after the hurricane (photo credits Jeff Rosner and Matsi Chinskey).

2 p.m. Low tide. hurricane sandy

2 p.m. Low tide.

taken at sunset sandy

Taken at sunset as storm hits.

high tide sandy long beach

High tide, cars flooded.

the morning after sandy long beach

The morning after.

long beach boardwalk after sandy

The boardwalk.

historical site ruined long beach sandy

Historical site ruined.

canoe sandy

The canoe that wound up in my parent's front yard.

helicopter from sandy

Helicopters land in the Lindell Middle School yard.

flooded basement sandy

A friend's basement flooded and oil tank exploded.

If you’d like to donate to help those who are working on recovery and rebuilding, click here. For a message from the local rabbi, click here.

For more on Sandy, check out these lessons to teach our kids about natural disasters, what to do about Jewish guilt post-Sandy, and what happened at the NYU Hospital NICU.

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