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Oct 5 2012

Simchat Torah and Our Office is Closed

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Simchat Torah It might be hard to believe that there’s yet another Jewish holiday coming up just around the corner.

Simchat Torah, (meaning, “Celebration of the Torah”) kicks off Monday night. The holiday marks the completion of the annual cycle of the Torah reading. Many synagogues unroll the Torah scroll completely so you can see the whole Torah, from start to finish.

And here’s the best part, starting at nightfall, there’s often raucous dancing mixed with lots of drinking. Now, that’s a holiday we can get behind!

If you’re thinking about fun ways to celebrate with your kids consider these awesome Simchat Torah activities:

1. Make caramel apples, yum!

2. It’s tradition to make your own flags to wave around, here’s how.

3. Read  Sammy Spider’s First Simchat Torah.

4. Read Mayim Bialik’s post about Simchat Torah.

5. Get drunk! (Er, we leave you to your own devices for that one)

Just a heads up that the Kveller office will also be closed until Wednesday. See you then!

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