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Nov 8 2010

Ultimate TV Smackdown: Bialik VS. Pollack

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One’s a TV star. The other’s a writer and newly-discovered yogi. Can you guess which parent allows their kids to watch TV, and which one doesn’t? Mosey on over to the mainland at Kveller to read two persuasive tales about the advantages and disadvantages of the old idiot box. It’s an epic battle for the ages, and we swear we didn’t pin them up against each other just because their last names rhyme (but can you say bonus effect?) Once you’ve read them, come back here and let us know whose side you’re on. Let the rumble begin!

The Case for Television versus Taking a Stand Against TV

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One Response to Ultimate TV Smackdown: Bialik VS. Pollack

  1. Monica says:

    OK, Neal wins. Except for the part about the 20 minute extension. All or nothing, dude, but only one- or two-thirds of a whole show? Unless the commercials are already edited out…
    Mayim: I am a natural childbirth and breastfeeding aficionado – (saw a bumper sticker recently that said: “Normalize Nursing – Breastfeed in Public” – let’s say I have done my part) – but if the first video your little boy ever saw was of a birth…he may never watch another.
    Here’s a yoga word for you: Balance.


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