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Apr 11 2011

What’s Going on at Kveller

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Here’s your friendly reminder that there have been some great new reads on Kveller recently and it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to check them out.

Jordana Horn’s children got their Roger Ebert on and brought their sharp critical eyes to a number of Passover movies. They let you know just how scary the wild beasts are in each one, so you can figure out the perfect flick to show to your own kids.

Rabbi Ruth Zlotnick was amazed by her young daughter’s ability to speak eloquently and creatively at an early age. But when her temper tantrums got out of hand, Ruth realized that she still had to treat her like the little kid she is.

Have you attempted the ever-so-stressful activity of vacationing with your kids? Dasee Berkowitz took some cues from Jewish prayers to actually relax and have fun during a successful family vacation.

If you think your Passover seder will lack some homemade charm, get crafting on these awesome felt afikomen bags. Your kids can help, too!

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