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Oct 3 2012

Who Would You Give $5000 To?

By at 9:55 am

pj library kveller tzedakah  campaign Have you ever wanted to drop a nice, big lump sum into the laps of those undertaking a specific cause or charity? Well, now is your chance. And you don’t have to spend a dime.

In the spirit of tzedakah, Harold Grinspoon, founder of PJ Library, will be giving a $5,000 donation to a non-political, cause-based U.S. nonprofit as chosen by the readers of Kveller and PJ Library.


The Library tzedakah effort will happen in three parts:

1. NOMINATION PERIOD (OCTOBER 2012)—  If you want to make sure your favorite non-political, cause-based U.S. nonprofit organization gets a shot at the big bucks, enter your nominations in the comments below. We will accept nominations up through Sunday, October 21st.

2. CURATING PROCESS — At the end of October, a group of and PJ Library representatives will read through the submitted comments and consider each nomination, tally “Likes,” and review the organizations. They will whittle the list of nominations down to 10 organizations.

3. VOTING PERIOD (NOVEMBER 2012)— During the month of November, readers and PJ Library families will be invited to vote for their favorite non-political, cause-based U.S. nonprofit organization. Whichever one of the 10 organizations receives the greatest number of votes will benefit from $5,000 donation from Harold Grinspoon.

So, get nominating! Use the Facebook-enabled comment fields below to nominate or support a deserving nonprofit organization. Help them get $5,000!

And for families in the New York Metro area, start getting free books every month from PJ Library through this partnership with Kveller.

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