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Five Gorgeous Sukkot Tablescapes

If you’ve built your own sukkah, congratulations–the hard part’s over. But you may still want it to look nice and pretty inside. Even if you won’t be dining in a sukkah, you can turn your dinner table into a lovely Sukkot display. Take some inspiration from these five gorgeous Sukkot-inspired tablescapes.

1. Sukkot/Thanksgiving Tablescape from The Glamorous Housewife

2. Sukkah Tablescape from The Shiksa in the Kitchen

3. Black Vinyl Sukkah Tablescape from Fashion-Isha

4. Sukkah Tablescape from The Boreka Diary

5. Sukkah Tablescape from Blue Kale Road

No matter what your table ends up looking like, wishing you all a chag sameach!

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