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Kveller Hits of the Week: Dec 31st – Jan 4th

This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.

-Stuff I’ve Learned From My 16-Month Old. One dad is surprised by how much wisdom his young daughter has imparted even before she’s able to speak.

-My Preschool Daughter’s Buzz Cut. When lice condemned Sarah’s daughter’s long hair, they both learn a lesson in gender politics.

-Whose Fault Is Your Divorce, Anyway? Aliza wishes we would stop referring to divorces (and other unfortunate events) as anyone’s fault, and instead think seriously about responsibility.

-Jury Duty With Mayim Bialik. If Mayim can survive jury duty, anyone can. With a mantra, good headphones, and some old fashioned patriotism, she made it.

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