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Natalie Portman Disses Bibi, Talks Judaism in New Interview


Natalie Portman is not only an Oscar-winning actress and esteemed Harvard graduate, she’s also an active Jew and informed about Israeli politics. Mensch mensch mensch.

The Israel-born actress recently flexed her menschy muscles on a press tour for her new film debuting on May 18, based on Israeli author Amos Oz’s “A Tale of Love and Darkness” which was shot in Jerusalem.

During an interview with Hollywood Reporter, she covered topics from Netanyahu’s reelection (she’s not happy about it), to anti-Semitism (she recently moved to Paris), to why she won’t display her Oscar in her home because it’s a false idol. It’s a really interesting conversation, and we urge you to check it out.

Read excerpts from her interview here.

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