The Internet Buzz Over Mayim Bialik’s Emmy Nomination


The internet is buzzing with news of my Emmy nomination for The Big Bang Theory. Here’s all the interviews I’ve done so far and some other features:

– Making the good side of “snappy judgments” in this post on TVLine.

– My brief reaction to being nominated on Hollywood.com.

– A nod on my first-time nomination from USA today.

– My interview on Entertainment Weekly.

– My tweet was mentioned on The Hollywood Reporter, and then they interviewed me.

– I make the favorite nomination list on BuddyTV.

– I’m among the funny women of comedy line-up on Slate’s XXfactor blog.

– Featured in this write up from Jewcy.com.

– A nice write up from the super kind and generous folks at an amazing parenting blog called Kveller.

Kveller will also be interviewing me here in just a bit. Any questions you’d like them to ask?

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