The Kid-Dish: Winehouse wants kids, rest of world shudders

All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know

– In today’s adorable news, Adam Sandler was spotted with daughters Sunny, 23 months, and Sadie, 4, in Beverly Hills. Both girls are all heart-shirted and lollipop-toting, which is so cute I can’t even crack a joke about it. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

– The bad news: Amy Winehouse recently watched Toy Story 3 with her godson, which was just the motivation she needed to start thinking about having kids. The good news: “I’m not going to be getting pregnant in the next nine months!” That news would be a little better if “months” was replaced with “years”. (Babyrazzi)

Matthew Broderick was spotted walking his son James to school in New York City last week. I like to imagine him almost getting there but then deciding to play hookie and crash some parade floats and baseball games instead, but that’s just me. (Babyrazzi)

– And in today’s sad news, David Arquette (Jewish) and Courtney Cox (played one on TV) have announced they are separating after 11 years of marriage. In a joint statement, they assured the public that they are still best friends and will remain responsible parents to their 6-year-old daughter, Coco, which is short for COurtney COx, by the way (!!!) They will also remain co-stars in Scream 4, which is still wrapping up production. Scary. (Access Hollywood)

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