Weekly Roundup: Legos for Girls, Giving Birth on Train, & Modesty Troubles

All the Jewish parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

– LEGO has a new line just for girls, featuring the iconic plastic people (with boobs!) in a variety of places like a house, cafe, animal hospital, tree house, and beauty salon. Some people are upset. (Ms. Magazine)

– UJA reminds us why screening for Jewish Genetic Diseases really matters. (UJA)

A baby was born on a PATH train (going from New Jersey to Manhattan), and promptly received an easy nickname: Fast. (Gothamist)

– In all of the hullabaloo with the birth of Blue Ivy, Jay-Z released a song which revealed a little known fact: Beyonce had previously suffered a miscarriage. (Washington Post)

– Israel’s Ministry of Health issued new regulations in regards to homebirths. Besides things like room size, a woman wanting to have a homebirth must prove that she is sane. (NYT)

– In deciding whether or not her son should have a Bar Mitzvah, Tara Dublin recounts her own Bat Mitzvah in 1982–“probably one of the very worst years for hair, makeup, and fashion combined.” (Jewcy)

– Last month, an 8-year-old girl in Israel was spit on by religious extremists for not dressing modestly enough. Dov Linzer wonders if a religious demand for modesty is “about anything other than men controlling women’s bodies.” (NYT)

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