Will Natalie Portman Circumcise Her Son? Should We Care?

What will Natalie do on day eight?

I have gone back and forth on my place in this circumcision “debate” more times than I can count.

Should I write about the proposed ban on circumcision in San Francisco and (almost) Santa Monica? Should I put myself out there to be (again) attacked with vicious hate language for my adherence to Jewish law? Should I voice my feelings of conflict and simultaneous joy to fulfill this most difficult of commandments?

Should I strike back at the anti-circumcision folks with the tools they have given me; namely, the anti-circumcision comic book with images like this of “Foreskin Man” and  “Monster Mohel”? Should I use sarcasm and anger and a smidge of Holocaust-driven paranoia or deal with the issues at hand minus sarcasm, anger, and paranoia? Should I speak up?

No. I decided I am not gonna do it. I am hyper-sensitive by nature and it’s been too hard of a week. I wish I had more in me to handle this, but I don’t right now.

So I will instead ask you this: what will Natalie Portman do? (In case you live in  cave or don’t read Kid-dish, Natalie had a baby boy last week.) Not that it’s my business, but will she or won’t she? Circumcise, that is. Will she even make public her decision about what to do on day 8 of her son’s life? (Mazel tov, by the way, Nat.)

Do celebrity Jews have some sort of obligation to the Jewish community at large to let us know about their observance especially when it puts a “good” face on observance? When Sacha Baron-Cohen discusses kosher food options or working on Shabbat, it really touches me. When Matisyahu puts himself out there as a successful and devout observant Jew, it amazes me. When Natalie Portman conducts an interview in Hebrew (check it out for yourself on youtube!), it thrills me.

So at this time of public discussion about circumcision (at least in some circles), I will be paying a little more attention to any baby news from Natalie’s corner.

Whatever she decides, God bless her right to exercise both her freedom of religion that our country guarantees, and her free will, which our religion guarantees.

Whatever she decides, I respect her right to exercise both her freedom of religion that our country guarantees, and her free will, which our religion guarantees.

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Mayim Bialik

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