‘Wonder Woman’ Barbie & LEGOs Are the Toys Kids Deserve


The long-awaited “Woman Woman” film is only days from release, so it’s a good time to remind everyone that there’s a “Wonder Woman” LEGO set that came out right in time. The film is one of the few superhero movies that focuses on a woman saving the day (as many do IRL), so why not have a toy that celebrates womanhood and its awesomeness?


Besides the LEGO set that includes a giant version of Ares, the God of War, who plays a major role in the film’s backstory, there’s also a LEGO set for Wonder Woman’s “dorm” area, which is pretty cool. These toys are similar to their previous line of DC Super Hero Girls, which arrived earlier this year–toys that promote femininity as strength, and that’s never a bad thing.


But that’s not all the “Wonder Woman” toys out there. There’s also a new Mattel Wonder Woman Barbie doll line, and I sort of want one for myself.

Here are all the dolls from the line:


You can also get one with her horse:

And one of her as Princess Diana:

These toys aren’t perfect from a feminist/anti-consumerist standpoint, but they are an improvement on the status quo.

Since kids love toys, these are all options to give to your daughters or sons, nieces or nephews–as a way to show them that women are also heroes and strong and courageous and brave and badass.

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