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10 Absurd Photos of ‘Jewish Animals’ We Found on the Internet

It’s no secret that many of the photos we use (and websites in general) are stock photography. Throughout the years, we’ve found some real gems–and when we say gems, we really mean awkward–especially when it comes to photos illustrating Jewish life.

Recently, we found a photo of an orangutan eating matzah on iStock, and we were a little bit mystified, to say the least. So, we began a search of bizarre Jewish animals, and found a few we wanted to share.

If you need some absurd humor in your life right about now, which we’re sure you do, check out these:

1. Only a 35-year-old orangutan munching on matzah…NBD.


2. He really likes it, you guys.


3. But let’s not forget these ring-tailed lemurs. They want some, too. 

lemurs with matzah

4. At least she/he waited patiently.

lemur with matzah

5. There’s nothing like a new wave hipster poodle with a chic Hanukkah sweater, probably listening to New Order better than you.

poodle with hanukkah sweater

6. This dog wears a yarmulke more fashionably than any human. 

yarmulke dog

7. You thought you were serious about your faith? Well, you were wrong. This Yorkie is the MOST serious.

rabbi yorkie

8. This is his 1985 portrait that he’s giving to his parents for Hanukkah.

hanukkah yorkie

9. Chill Chihuahua is ready for some latkes. 

Chihuahua hanukkah

10. But we can’t forget about this little fluff ball, who is REALLY excited about Hanukkah. I mean, look at all those beads. 

hanukkah dog

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