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Jewish baby names

8 Jewish Baby Names for Boys That Will Be Popular This Year

What to name your new bundle of joy is always a difficult decision–some days, you may be feeling especially into biblical and traditional names, while the next, you might want something modern and cool. Trends, of course, come and go with the times. Based off of the growing trends from 2015, we made some predictions about what Jewish names for boys are going to be popular this year. (Of course, don’t forget to check out our baby naming guide while you’re at it.)

Here are our choices:

1. Elijah/Eli. If you’re a big fan of biblical names, then you’ll definitely enjoy this one. Elijah means “The Lord is my God,” which means your son will definitely have a strong foundation and connection to Judaism, even if subconsciously. Elijah can also be shortened to Eli–and short, simple names are trending!

2. Isaiah. Hebrew names saw a huge upswing in popular in the top baby names, so I don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soonIsaiah means “God is salvation,” and Isaiah was an 8th century Prophet of Israel. Classic names never go out of style, and you still have the option to use Izzy for short–which is adorable for a little boy.

3. Caleb. Caleb (or Calev in Hebrew) was one of the 12 scouts sent by Moses into Israel. Caleb was one of the most popular boy names in 2015, and we love using Cal as a nickname. While Caleb is a traditional name, it hasn’t been overused in the past, which makes it original and unique. 

4. Nathan. Natan, the Hebrew version of Nathan, was a prophet during the time of King David and King Solomon. Nathan, also one of the most popular boy names in 2015, has a modern ring to it–and there’s a lot of options for nicknames, like Nate and Nat.

5. Zev. Zev is a Hebrew name meaning “Wolf.” Names from nature and based off animals are a growing trend (Zooey Deschanel gave her daughter Otter as a middle name, and Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple), and I love the idea of naming a child after a wolf–wolves are strong and independent–but still belong to the pack. 

6. Zalman. Zalman is a Hebrew name that means “peace.” And what better time is there to bring, and foster, peace into the world? Zalman can also be shortened to Zal, which works exceptionally well for teens and adults alike. Sounds pretty cool to me.

7. Gabriel/Gabe. Gabriel, or Gavriel, means “Strength of God,” and is the name of an angel in Judaism. Gabriel bears cultural significance, but it’s also such a beautiful name. And I love Gabe as a nickname for both a little boy and adult.

8. Omri. Omri is a Hebrew name meaning “Sheaf of grain.” There’s also an interesting Jewish celebrity connection: Omri Casspi is the first Israeli to play in the National Basketball Association (NBA). 

Check out our baby name guide for more Jewish names. 

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