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13 Painfully True & Hilarious Tweets About Jewish Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving. There’s nothing like sitting down to a giant meal with your loved ones… until someone drinks too much Manischewitz, starts a rowdy political debate, or forces you to eat a second helping of the corn nobody liked.

Yes, the Thanksgiving meal can be cause for much humor (and agony). We compiled a list of some of the funniest, strangest, and just downright true tweets about Thanksgiving with Jewish families.

We hope you are as entertained as we are:

1. No one lays on the guilt like a bubbe.

2. It’s not Thanksgiving until someone gets into an argument over politics. And kvetching. Lots of kvetching.

3. Nagging + guilt = Your Mom’s BFFs  

4. Actually, it totally does.

5. “What is it my fault?!” 

6. I mean, your mom just has good intentions.  

7. You’re not sure if this one is awkward or funny. Or both.

8. Yup.  

9. Got that guilt going.

10. Now if only everyone said it in unison. 

11. Gotta love those jokes.

12. Always with the politics, eh?

13. Brisket wins every time. Obv.

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