11 Mother's Day Cards That Will Make You Laugh So Hard, Your Ribs Hurt – Kveller
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Mother's Day

11 Mother’s Day Cards That Will Make You Laugh So Hard, Your Ribs Hurt

Mother’s Day is coming up, on Sunday, May 14. This means it’s time to start thinking about the different cards to get the moms in your life, whether your mom, mother-in-law, your sister, or friends. What’s better, of course, than to celebrate the day through humor?

We’ve got you covered, as I’ve rounded up 11 of my favorite funny Mother’s Day cards from Etsy–this way, you can support small businesses (and moms like you!) while also making a mom you love feel special.

Check them out below (and don’t forget to check out this gift guide):

1. Well done, Mom, $4.50 at Etsy


2. Wiping My Butt, $4 at Etsy


3. Swear Card, $4.18 at Etsy


4. Love the Dog, $4 at Etsy


5. Using the Potty, $4.50 at Etsy

potty card

6. Cool Mom, $4.50 at Etsy

cool mom

7. Otter Mom, $5 at Etsy

otter mom

8. Queen Card, $4.75 at Etsy


9. Mom Jeans, $4.50 at Etsy


10. Tattoo Card, downloadable, $5.25 at Etsy


11. Unicorn Card, $3.32 at Etsy


Check out more Mother’s Day cards to get a mom you love. There’s also some for your beloved mother-in-law.



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