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11 Things to Do Today to Take Your Mind Off the Election

Now that election day is actually here, it’s both the best day and the worst day. The worst part is the fact that the election feels more like doomsday this time around. The positive is that once you vote, your part is over–and while it’s scary, you can’t stress about things you can’t really control. So, let’s all take a breather, as you need to actually de-stress and have your body feel, well, human again. Here are some tried and true tips to turn off your mind:

1. Take time for yourself during the work day. Make sure to go for a walk, listen to music. You need some TLC. And you know, breaks gives you time to watch cute cat videos.

2. Turn off your news feed–as much as you can. Regardless of the outcome, there’s going to be some angry losers–and those people may rant and even harass others both on and offline.

3. Read for at least 30 minutes–and reading on your phone doesn’t count. Be present in the moment, not in some ethereal realm, especially where you may be tempted to read, or get into, a social media fight. Honestly, I’m going to reread “Harry Potter.”

4. Practice breathing techniques when you go to sleep. Even if the election results are official, it’s not like all of that pent up tension is suddenly gone. Take deep breathes, count, or try any other techniques to calm down.

5. Think of all the things you’re grateful for in your life. Make the list, even if it’s just in your head. Gratitude is an easy way to dispel fear, stress, and hate.

6. Watch TV/a movie, even if it feels mindless. Sometimes you just need to let yourself laugh. “Friends,” reruns anyone?

7. Don’t cook. Order takeout. I’m all about saving money and cooking, but honestly, after a day taking care of kids and/or coming home from work, the last thing you want to do is cook, especially after this election. Pad thai? Yes, please.

8. Or you know, bake a whole pie. Unless cooking helps distract you from your anxieties, because you aren’t stressing about the details of your job, soccer practice, or that person’s mean comment on your Facebook post.

9. Make a collage. It’s honestly one of my favorite things to do, so much that I’m working on a collage project right now. Similar to cooking, it’s easy (you just need glue and paper), and it’s a healthy distraction. Plus, you’ll make some cool art.

10. Color in a coloring book. It is a craze right now for a reason. There’s even a Jewish one.

11. Watch this. 

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