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back to school

13 Cute Backpacks for Kids of All Genders

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It’s back to school season, which means it’s time to start thinking about backpacks—you know, the thing your kid uses to transport all the stuff they use everyday for school.

Let’s be real, they carry way too many books way too early. But at least if they have to, why not have something they enjoy carrying?

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Floral Jansport, $23

2. Fun pattern & three set, $32 (comes in 13 colors and patterns)

3. Laptop backpack, $30 (comes in two colors)

4. Space backpack, $27 (comes in 17 patterns)

5. Mod backpack, $26 (comes in three colors)

6. Cat bookbag, $27

7. Ninja turtles bookbag with lunch box, $13

8. Fish bookbag, $10 (preschool)

9. Mario bookbag with lunch box, $13

10. Waterproof bookbag, $10

11. Harry Potter backpack, $20

12. Pug bookbag, $30

13. Raccoon bag, $15

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