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14 Last-Minute Gifts Jewish Moms Actually Want

We deserve a treat!

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and this year, along with a lot of lofty things like world peace and reproductive justice, Mama also wants some gifts. It’s been a rough year, and we deserve some treats.

To be fair, the Jewish mom in your life could always use a little treat, not just on Mother’s Day. But here at Kveller, we’ve assembled a list of types of Jewish gifts we actually want and which you can actually order just in time for Mother’s Day. (But again, feel free to get us these gifts any time. Really.)

1. Jewish jewelry — adorn us please!

This red evil eye bracelet, colorful bracelet and chai necklace from Alef Bet Jewelry are snazzy and available on Amazon for quick shipping.

More Jewish jewelry here.

2. Something to ward off the evil eye

These hamsas from Yair Emanuel are colorful and festive.

3. A Jewish book (and an evening off to read it)

“How To Baby” Liana Finck

A delightful graphic novel from Jewish cartoonist Liana Finck, who is just brilliantly observant about the minutiae and awkwardness of human interaction as a mother.

“The Amen Effect” by Sharon Brous

The Jewish wisdom we need right now, from one of the most prominent Jewish voices in the nation.

“Kantika” by Elizabeth Garver

A Sephardic family saga that will sweep you up!

“Kissing Kosher” by Jean Meltzer

If the mom in your life loved “The Matzah Ball,” consider getting her Meltzer’s latest Jewish romance, which takes place inside a kosher bakery.

“Wake Me Up Most Wickedly” by Felicia Grossman

If the Jewish mom in your life is excited for “Bridgerton” season three, this Jewish period romance is definitely one she’ll enjoy.

4. A Jewish cookbook

Just make sure the mom in your life doesn’t think you’re buying these to make her cook for you.

“Honey Cake & Latkes: Recipes from the Old World by the Auschwitz-Birkenau Survivors” by Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Foundation 

A beautiful collection of recipes and stories

“Portico: Cooking and Feasting and Rome’s Jewish Kitchen” and “The Jewish Cookbook” by Leah Koenig

Koenig’s cookbooks are must-have items.

“My Life in Recipes” by Joan Nathan

A new cookbook from the Jewish recipe maven herself.

“I Could Nosh” by Jake Cohen

This book title is my personal motto.

“Modern Jewish Baker” and “Modern Jewish Comfort Food” by Shannon Sarna

We all need comfort and carbs right now.

5. Something from a Jewish celebrity’s lifestyle brand

Frenshe by Ashley Tisdale

OK, is the name Frenshe (pronounced Fren-shee) a lot? Yes, but I do kind of want its nice-smelling products that you can get at Target this week!

The Outset from Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson’s skincare brand is getting nice reviews over at Sephora. A Sephora gift card is a good mother’s day gift in my humble aging Jewish mother opinion.

Troye Sivan’s Tsu Lang Yore

Troye Sivan’s new lifestyle brand has the most expensive dreidel we’ve ever seen, and an oil burner we’re endlessly intrigued by. I mean, we’re not sure if your Jewish mother would want these, but she might want to know that they exist?

Samuel’s sweet shop: Paul’s favorite sampler

What could your mother want more than something sweet with Paul Rudd’s shayna punim on it? Nothing. Rudd co-owns this truly drool-worthy candy shop and I think it might be my favorite celebrity “lifestyle brand,” if only because my own lifestyle is mostly about getting as many sweets in my belly as I can.

6. Pretty Jewish art

Don’t have time to actually make anything, or get beautiful art sent in? Here are some digital prints you can purchase and get printed and framed!

Matzah ball print and challah print

Hebrew alef bet printable art

Shema poster digital download

Jewish American Icons digital prints

7. A Jewish novelty item

We need a laugh!

Bring me challah socks

These socks tell anyone who sees them to bring their wearer challah, and to be fair, you should always be bringing your Jewish mother challah.

Knish me I’m Jewish socks

I love anything that makes me think of knishes.

8. A Jewish *treat*

I want everything from Goldbelly, but especially this platter from Michael Solomonov’s Zahav, these bagels from Zucker’s and some yummy William Greenberg desserts.

9. A paid yearly streaming service membership to watch her favorite (Jewish) shows and movies

Those streaming service fees sure add up! From Netflix, Peacock or Hulu to a specialized Jewish streaming platform like ChaiFlicks and Izzy, the mom in your life will get hours of entertainment, providing that she has time to watch TV (just make sure first!).

10. A Target gift card so we can buy something from the DVF collection

There’s nothing some moms love more than a child-free trip to Target. You can either give a gift card or something from Jewish designer extraordinaire Diane Von Furstenbrug’s delightful and affordable Target collection.

11. A Mahj set!

For the Jewish mom who wants to pick up mah jongg, or the one who has been playing forever.

American Mahjong set

12. A donation in her name.

OK, I know I said we want things this year, but we also want to make the world a better place — a donation to a cause we care for would mean a lot, for sure.

13. A Jewish family experience.

As schmaltzy as it is, spending time with you is the most precious commodity of all! Take us to brunch! Go color a kiddush cup at the local color your own pottery shop (yes, I’ve done this!). Join us on a shpatzir. Cook a delicious dish together. Set up a Jewish movie night for the family! Just be together.

14. A day off.

Or, on the flipside, give us an additional Shabbat to decompress.

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