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14 Ways Moms Relax and Take Care of Themselves

Everyone gets stressed out, no matter how fulfilled, happy, busy, and loved you feel. It’s just a fact of life. Moms especially understand this, because they literally never get a break. It’s not like you’re not a mom on Sundays or Mondays, or can just take a break from worrying about your kid, even when they’re at bubbe’s for some homemade matzah ball soup.

So, I recently polled a bunch of different people–from moms to non-moms (like myself…you caught me!), and this is a round up of some of the best suggestions I’ve found:

1. Cleaning. Cleaning can be therapeutic, really! And less clutter means less stress.

2. Tackling big home projects, like redoing the kitchen cabinets, reorganizing all the closets, putting up new book shelves.

3. Netflix and chill. You know, watching “Downton Abbey” NBD.

4. An early morning dance party. For one. Seriously, dancing is always a win–especially when no one else is home.

5. Resisting the urge to clean. Unlike #1, sometimes not doing anything is a slice of heaven.

6. Taking a class, like learning how to write poetry, figure draw, and/or immersing in art history.

7. Getting a massage/facial/manicure/getting your hair done. And this is not for the fashion benefits, but sometimes, it just feels really nice to zone out while feeling like you’re being primped.

8. Yoga class. And if you’re really brave, you can try hot yoga.

9. Pee without an audience. Seriously.

10. Taking music lessons. And pretending to be in a famous band.

11. Showering. Alone. This includes taking a long, relaxing bath with those fancy soaps and having a book and a glass of wine by your side.

12. Exercise. Getting out stress via a punching bag, weights, and/or treadmill = AWESOME.

13. Eating chocolate. Chocolate + Wine = BFF’s.

14. Having a coffee date by yourself. This is a good time to catch up on reading, and journaling. You can go by yourself for an hour, and then meet a friend for another hour or two.

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