18 Resolutions You Can Actually Keep This Year (That Don't Include the Gym) – Kveller
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18 Resolutions You Can Actually Keep This Year (That Don’t Include the Gym)

It’s officially 2018. While most of us are thrilled that last year is finally over — Google 2017 and “worst year ever” to see for yourself — it also seemed like New Year’s Day snuck up on us with a small amount of dread.

That’s because January 1 is associated with that loaded phrase: New Year’s resolutions.

Resolutions carry a lot of pressure with them. It’s hard not to be a little frustrated — resentful, even — about all the things you want to do in order to make 2018 the best year ever. But at the same time you know, deep down, that  you won’t be able to keep your resolutions, considering you aren’t a robot.

But here’s a pro tip: Instead of attempting a complete revamp of your life and habits, think small instead. Ask yourself: What can I do better this year? How can I be a better version of myself, even in a small way? Am I really going to go to the gym everyday if I haven’t been on a treadmill since I had a BlackBerry?

We asked you about your New Year’s resolutions — ones that you can actually keep. This is what our wise readers on Facebook and Twitter said — and none of them involve going to the gym:

1. Be more intentional in everything I do — how I talk to people, how I treat my kids, how I exercise and eat, how I work.

2. Take a daily photo — even if it’s something random or silly, like a selfie at work, as a way to look back on years that go by way too fast.

3. Be kinder to strangers.

4. Send a real card and/or phone friends on their birthdays. 

5. Floss more.

6. Find a hobby for myself, like finally learn to crochet.

7. Love my body as it is, to honor the aging process, and set an example of self-love for my daughter.

8. To choose the loving thing to say and reduce sarcasm.

9. Teach my kids to do laundry and have them do their own.

10. Drink more water.

11. Read something besides Facebook every day.

12. Set aside writing time at least a couple days a week.

13. Stop bottling up emotions.

14. Return library books on time.

15. Go to sleep earlier.

16. Learn to French braid.

17. Drink more water. And no — that’s not a typo. Apparently Kveller moms are a very thirsty lot!

18. Be honest.

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