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3 Kid Inventors Who Are Changing the World

We often think of scientists who are saving the world as adults working in labs. Well, that isn’t necessarily true–as there are plenty of kids who are inventing life-changing technology that will save lives–and the earth.

For instance, Galileo Galilei was only 17 when he discovered a chandelier could sway in an exact rhythmic pattern and time. Then there’s Blaise Pascal, who began working on calculating devices (like calculators and computers) at the age of 16 in 1642. NBD.

Here are three kid inventors changing the world right now:

1. The 11-year-old is making a disinfectant suit. 

Mark Leschinsky of Mahwah, New Jersey was following the 2014 Ebola scare–which prompted him to design disinfecting hazmat suits, because “900 healthcare workers got infected despite wearing conventional suits.”

The suit consists of three layers with pockets filled with disinfecting solution, and an external layer that kills viruses living on the suit. In 2015, Mark was inducted into National Gallery of Young Inventors. He also appeared on “Jimmy Fallon.”

2. The teen who created an ocean energy probe. 

Hannah Herbst is interested in sustainable energy and power—so as a way to help people around the globe, she invented the Ocean Energy Probe, a device that converts ocean currents into usable energy through a generator. She was able to do this by using a 3D printer, of all things. Her invention won first prize in Discovery Education & 3M’s Young Scientist Challenge.

3. The teen cancer survivor who created a pediatric backpack.

Kylie Simonds, who beat cancer at age 9, understand only too well the limited mobility cancer patient have because of their IV bags. Because of this, she created a Pediatric IV Backpack that allows children receiving medical transfusions to move around.

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