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4 Inexpensive Crafts for You & Your Kids That Aren’t Coloring Books

The adult coloring book craze is nothing new by now. While you may love or hate it, it’s pretty much reached every market there is (there’s even a Jewish coloring book!). But if you you’re looking for a different kind of activity, we rounded up a few other types of easy crafts you can do with your kid (and you know, by yourself!), some of which we found from Adweek:

1. Craft Kits, such as Target’s Hand Made Modern from $3.99 and up

flower kit

Do you want to make hand-stitched photo frames, wooden jewelry boxes, felt owls, felt leaves, or paper flower kits–but have no idea how? Well, now you can with craft kits, such as Target’s Hand Made Modern. Since there’s already a template in place, you don’t have to do the hard work of coming up with something to make, which is kind of great when your time is VERY limited.

2. Personalized planners, starting at Michaels from $3.99 and up


According to Stephen Carlotti, evp of marketing at Michaels Craft Stores, personalized planners are becoming just as popular as coloring books. He stated: “Coloring books and planners have a lot of similarities. People personalize planners. They’ll add stickers and embellishments, but there’s not a right or wrong way to do it, just like coloring.”

There’s also plenty of options on Amazon, like this blue chevron design for $15 or this cute owl planner. While your 5-year-old probably doesn’t need a planner, your middle schooler and high school teen definitely does (because homework).

3. Jewelry making kits, such as Target’s Ultimate Kit starting at $19.99 & Amazon at $14.99

jewelry kit

This is a favorite from my own childhood. Whether you’re making jewelry for yourself, with/for your kid, or just because, this is a fun project for a weekend afternoon. Plus, who doesn’t like glass beads? It’s a great surprise gift for bubbe.

4. Yarn wrapped letters, starting at $4.00 from Michaels & $20.00 kit from Amazon

yarn wrapped letters

For this one, you don’t even have to know how to knit (which I definitely don’t). According to Carlotti, this craft is becoming popular because you don’t have to be an expert.

There’s also a lot of variation, like glitter yarn, ombre yarn, and more. I mean, GLITTER YARN? That’s the perfect merging of glitter and my Lisa Frank fanaticism coming together perfectly. Plus, yarn and letters are pretty inexpensive. For instance, this rainbow yarn is only $5.99, while this fiberboard letter is about $4.

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