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4 Ways to Make Use of All That F*ing Rosh Hashanah Honey

When we typically think of all that honey you have because of Rosh Hashanah, you probably think to use the rest of it in your morning tea, your challah bread recipe, or you know, just eating it off a spoon (hey, don’t judge me).

But honey isn’t just amazing to eat, but it can actually be part of your skin care routine. I know, I know, you’re thinking, “But I don’t HAVE time!” But really, if you have time to wash your face, you can slather some honey on it beforehand. (Who doesn’t love a beauty regimen you can also eat?!)

Why is honey so great for your face? Honey is rich with minerals and vitamins (including B6, niacin, and zinc), and balances the skin’s pH while also moisturizing it (which can also prevent wrinkles, hey!). Of course, it works even better if you can mix it with other ingredients, like yogurt and cinnamon–all items you already have in your kitchen.

Recently, Pop Sugar talked to celebrity esthetician Ildi Pekar, who shared her favorite easy to make beauty treatments using honey. Here are the ones I can’t wait to check out:

“1. Lip Scrub

What You Need:

-2 tablespoons of brown sugar

-1 teaspoon of 100 percent raw honey

Directions: After mixing the two ingredients together, apply it directly to your pout. Rub your lips together to scrub, then wait five minutes before rinsing off the treatment with warm filtered water. Follow with a natural lip balm to add hydration.

2. Hair and Scalp Treatment

What You Need:

-3 tablespoons of liquid coconut oil

-1/4 cup of 100 percent raw honey

Directions: Blend the two ingredients, then apply from your roots all the way down to the ends of your strands. Leave it on for 20 minutes so the ingredients can fully penetrate your hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly.

3. Facial Cleanser

What You Need:

-1 tablespoon of 100 percent raw honey

Directions: Thoroughly wet your face, then smear the honey onto your face. It should emulsify slightly and become easier to spread. After lightly massaging it into your skin, rinse thoroughly.

4. Face Mask

What You Need:

-½ of a banana

-1 apricot

-1 teaspoon of 100 percent raw honey

Directions: Remove the skin and pit of the apricot and the peel of the banana, and cut both fruits into small pieces. Mix them with the raw honey in a blender until you achieve a creamy, fluffy texture. Apply the blend to your entire face (except for your eyes, lips, and nostrils), leave on for 20 minutes, and rinse off with cool water.

 Can’t wait to try these out.

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