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5 Healthy Breakfasts with Veggies That Are Actually Delicious

I don’t believe in dieting or cutting out entire food groups like dairy, carbs, meat, or — heaven forbid! — dessert, which is probably why I will always be curvy (and proud). But I do believe in eating healthfully, eating real food, and applying moderation.

That means when it’s time to take some weight off (which it is right now), I prefer to cut back my portions, cut back a smidge on carbs and a smidge on dessert. I know there are lots of people who need black-and-white rules, but I would rather continue to eat things I like and not feel deprived. I also notice that after people jump on a new diet bandwagon, or a crazy portion-controlled regimen — well, it’s hard not to ricochet back as soon as you no longer follow those (unrealistic) rules.

I am far from a nutritionist, so take this with a grain of salt. However, what I have read from real nutritionists is to try and add a serving of vegetables to breakfast to start the day off right, which is a rule that makes sense to me! After all, Israelis love salad and veggies with their breakfast, so I decided that would be my spring eating resolution.

Yes, yes. I know you can add some steamed spinach on top of toast (which I like), or add veggies to your omelet, but I wanted some more concrete, exciting but realistic ways to get me eating more vegetables first thing in the morning. So I looked around.

Here are the five recipes I fell in love with the most.

Spaghetti squash quinoa and Parmesan fritters from Julia’s Album

Mini egg pizzas from Egglands Best

Breakfast quesadilla from Cookie and Kate

My favorite green smoothie from Minimalist Baker

Shakshuka with feta (for weekends and such) from The Nosher.

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