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6 Eyeglass Trends All Moms Need To Try (And You Can Do It for Cheap!)

Are you bored with your glasses? Feel like they just don’t fit your personality, show your best side, or are outdated? Eyeglasses can be expensive—from choosing frames you actually like and paying for the prescription lenses, it can add up to hundreds of dollars before you know it. Which is why we tend to wear glasses we don’t even like, because it’s too expensive to replace them.

As a spectacle-wearing lady for almost 20 years now (yup, I’m pretty much almost blind), I feel you. But I’ve also found the solution. As someone who owns about 10 different pairs of glasses, I consider myself something of an expert. When you’re shopping for a new pair, instead of opting for those boring black frames that you think match with everything, go for something more edgy. Because your face deserves it.

Here are six trends you should definitely try out:

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1. Choose bright colors.


Via Firmoo for $23

They’ll make you feel more cheerful on those days when getting out of bed is an issue because your toddler is already screaming. It will also make you look younger (not that it matters what you look like), but we all want to be 29 forever, right? Now you can.

Here’s my version (which I bought from Firmoo):

This is what editing looks like

A photo posted by Joanna C. Valente (@joannacvalente) on

  2. Big glasses are fun, and slim your face.


via Firmoo for $25

You can even try a slightly larger frame that has more of a structured square shape if you have a long face like I do. Round face shapes especially look good in large frames.


via Firmoo for $27

Or if you don’t like to see the edge of the frame (which has always bothered me since I was a kid) you’ll finally be free. Peripheral vision is pretty much heaven:

I got new glasses today, guys. Now I look exactly like my mom from 1985. A photo posted by Joanna C. Valente (@joannacvalente) on


3. Go for the half plastic/half wire frame.


via Firmoo for $33

If you want a frame that doesn’t take up your entire face, as do many plastic frames, you can opt for this more subtle approach. It’s a great throwback

4. Choose cat eyes to define your cheekbones.


via Firmoo for $23

You know, vintage fashion is coming back in style. Personally, I love the whole grandma-chic trend happening right now. Pairing a slouchy sweater, vintage frames, and cute little flats is comfortable and cool.

Bubbe glasses for the win:

Guys I officially have long hair now

A photo posted by Joanna C. Valente (@joannacvalente) on


5. Glam it up with embellishments, patterns (like tortoise!), gradient fades, and tinted frames.


via Firmoo for $25

A soft rose lens can actually be cool and chic, without looking like your bubbe did during the ‘70s. Although, honestly, that’s not so bad.

6. Buy online.


via Firmoo for $21

It’s so much cheaper and easier–you don’t have to leave your house, and you can also spend $20 with the lens included. And if you don’t like the, return them. It’s not a big deal. This way, you can also own multiple pairs, so you’ll never get too bored. It’s what I’ve done.

Zennioptical and Firmoo are two sites I’ve had great success with. Firmoo even gives you a free first pair when you sign up (seriously!).

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