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6 Fun & Easy Ways to Remove Wax from Your Menorah


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Now that Hanukkah is over, it’s time to start cleaning those waxy menorahs. Instead of putting it off until next year (because didn’t your mother teach you that procrastination is bad?), we asked our readers for their advice.

Some of the tips actually seem kind of fun…putting anything in a freezer is always a blast. And more importantly, these tips are all pretty easy.

Here’s what our readers recommend:

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1. “Place menorah is a dishpan, then pour boiling water over it, and let stand. The wax comes loose and floats to the surface. If your menorah is glass or ceramic, be sure to pre-warm with hot tap water, so the sudden change of temperature does not cause it to expand un-evenly & break.” -O

2. “Put in freezer…Wax pops right off.” -S

3. “We use old corn cob handles (the plastic handles with two metal prongs to stick into the corn cob) to clean out the actual candle spots. The back of a butter knife works to clean the rest.” -B

4. “My mother-in-law just showed us the best way: boil a kettle of water. Set menorah in sink, and slowly pour water over it.” -S

5. “Hairdryer and soft cloth.” -P

And OK, one for you procrastinators:

6. “First, I grumble for a few days. Then, I put them away with intentions to do it later. Then, right before Hanukkah the next year, I use hot water!” -J

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