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Jewish baby names

6 Jewish Baby Names for Girls You’re About to See More of This Year

What to name your baby is always a huge topic of debate–some days, you may be feeling especially into floral names, while the next, you might want something edgy and unique. Trends, of course, come and go with the times. Based off of the growing trends from 2015, we made some predictions about what Jewish names for girls are going to be popular this year. (Of course, don’t forget to check out our baby naming guide while you’re at it.)

Here are our choices:

1. Sadie. It’s a nickname for Sarah (meaning “princess”), a name made famous by the biblical wife of Abraham, also the mother of Isaac. Sadie is has it all–it’s adorable for a little girl, edgy for an adult, and bears all of the cultural significance you want.

2. Eliza. Eliza is short for Elizabeth, which means “God is my oath.” Short simple names are trending right now, and this still gives you the option to shorten it to Liz or even Liza if you so desire.

3. Elsie. Elsie is another variation for Elizabeth. Elsie is short and simple, but also has a vintage appeal. And we all know vintage and retro culture is definitely back (“Mad Men,” anyone?).

4. Avi/Avigail. Abigail was a popular Jewish name in 2015. Instead of simply opting for Abby, change it up by opting for Avigail (the Hebrew version which means “My father is joy”). You could also use Avi for short, which is fun and cool.

5. Zahava. Astrological names are trending (such as Luna and Celeste) and anything involving the stars. Zahava means “gold” in Hebrew–so while it’s not a name influenced by the stars, it’s part of the natural world. And given that we’re currently obsessed with all things organic and natural, this sounds about right. Plus, it’s beautiful.

6. Beryl. Beryl is a Yiddish name that means “Bear.” Again, it is influenced by the natural world, but it’s also genderless, which is another baby naming trend on the horizon as gender stereotypes are breaking down. And remember how Zooey Deschanel gave her daughter Otter as a middle name? Animal names could be a new trend…

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