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6 Mac N’ Cheese Recipes That Are Chemical-Free

Apparently, boxed mac n’ cheese has been declared bad for you now, because of all the chemicals. As Kveller editor Sarah Seltzer wrote here, it’s kind of hard to ditch the tried and true classic (especially since it’s all your kids want to eat, and can you really blame them?).

Considering the fact that everyone loves mac n’ cheese, we’re not about to ditch it—but we can make healthier (aka: chemical-free) versions of it. Because of that, we rounded up some of our favorite mac n’ cheese recipes that we still love and adore (and they don’t have nasty chemicals!).

Here are six below:

Microwave mac n’cheese and easy pesto

Pumpkin Swiss Chard Mac and Cheese

Mac N’ Sweet Potato Cheese

Green Mac and Cheese at Weelicious 

Israeli Couscous Mac & Cheese Recipe at The Nosher

Gluten-Free Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese at The Nosher

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