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6 Passover TV Episodes to Watch With Your Family


An important part of any Jewish holiday prep is either sitting with your kids to watch Jewish episodes about said holiday (if they exist) or putting them in front of the TV to watch holiday-themed programming while you get ready for it.

There aren’t a lot of great Passover kids’ episodes out there (though there are a lot of delightful Passover videos online for kids and some really fun Passover episodes for grown-up viewers) but here are six Passover episodes you can show your young ones.

1. “A Rugrats Passover”

Sure, some people may have critiques about this Passover special (mostly though, it’s why is it so short, and why is there only one) but this 1995 Passover special episode of the Nickelodeon classic, in which Grandpa Boris tells the story of Passover to his grandson, Tommy Pickles, and the rest of the babies while they’re stuck in the attic, may be the best kids’ Passover TV episode… yet. We need more Passover specials!

Watch it on Peacock.

2. “Shalom Sesame” — “It’s Passover, Grover!”

This wonderful 2011 episode of “Shalom Sesame” features Jake Gyllenhaal hiding the afikomen, Grover, Anneliese and Avigail searching for some horseradish for the seder plate, and Moishe Oofnik, who is up to his usual shenanigans.

Rent it on Amazon.

3. “Shalom Sesame” — “Passover”

Moishe Oofnik steals the show as Pharoah in a couple of scenes of this show, but Sarah Jessica Parker comes in pretty close second. She’s so lovely as both intrepid reporter Peggy Pey, who asks some very timely questions about matzah, and Jerusalem Jones, who goes in search of the afikoman.

Watch it on YouTube.

4. “Reading Rainbow” — “Mrs Katz and Tush”

It’s never too early to expose your kids to the wonders of “Reading Rainbow!” In this episode, we read the story of Larnel, who develops a friendship with his neighbor, Mrs. Katz, who tells him about Passover traditions.

Watch it on Amazon Prime or on YouTube.

5. “The Animated Haggadah”

The classic claymation animated haggadah may be too creepy for some children (and adults) now, but it could still enchant some children as it did an entire generation of young Jews.

Watch it on YouTube.

6. “The Nanny” — “The Passed-Over Story”

“The Nanny” is the perfect Jewish family show, and it is now streaming on Peacock! In this episode of the show, Sylvia invites the Sheffields over for seder. Butler Niles shows his true proficiency in Jewish tradition with his perfect description of the holiday as “the one where you hide crackers from small children then stuff yourself,” and his skills making Ashkenazi Passover specials.

Watch it on Peacock.

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