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7 Jewish Celebrity BFFs We’re Obsessed With

Most of us become friends with people with whom we have things in common, whether it’s similar interests, same-aged kids, religious beliefs, whatever. I, for one, have lots of close Jewish gal pals who are moms with yenta-like tendencies — just like me.

And as evidenced by the seven pairs of famous Jewish besties below, its seems that stars are, well, just like us! They, too, buddy up with those they have lots in common with. In addition to being Jewish, these A-list pairs also have the whole rich and famous thing going for them.

Here are our favorite Jewish celebrity BFFs.

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer

No, these two hilarious comediennes didn’t meet in drama club at sleepaway camp (though we would’ve believed that rumor, had it been real TBH). These Broad City besties hit it off at Upright Citizen’s Brigade comedy school in New York City in 2007. From there, their beautiful, feministic, pro-Hillary friendship — and, you know, hilarious show about two Jewish girls trying to make ends meet in the big city — was born.

Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill

Sorry, Seinfeld, but it wasn’t until these two funny guys hit the big screen together in 2007’s Knocked Up and Superbad that shlumpy, average-looking Jewish guys got their real due in Hollywood. (Who would have guessed that one of them, Hill, would wind up a fashion icon?) We’d kill to tag along with these real-life pals and their tribe’s fellow members of the tribe: Jason Segel, Paul Rudd, and Judd Apatow — even if we’re not dudes or, uh, stoner types.

Ben Platt and Beanie Feldstein

Hill’s little sister Beanie (whose real name is actually Elizabeth, fun fact) met future Tony-winner-slash-bestie Ben Platt at a mutual friend’s bat mitzvah in the mid-2000’s. She told Seth Meyers they hit it off immediately but couldn’t keep in touch because this was before cell phones (#goodtimes). Thankfully, the talented pals reconnected years later, when Platt transferred to Feldstein’s school in ninth grade. Now that’s what we call bashert, folks!

Andy Cohen and Sarah Jessica Parker

Whether they’re schmoozing in Bravo’s clubhouse or serving lewks at the Met Gala, Andy and SJP — who met when he was working at CBS’s The Morning Show — are our friendship #goals and New York #goals simultaneously. What’s even better is Cohen takes every opportunity he can to gush about his fashionista BFF, once telling OUT magazine, “she’s as wonderful as you could possibly imagine. I mean, she’s really great.” Jealous.

Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones

It’s no wonder these two Harvard-educated celebs are BFFs — aside from having the whole Jewish actress thing in common, Portman and Jones are also both activists for women’s rights in Hollywood and in general. They’ve appeared together at a Time’s Up panel and made us LOL in many Funny or Die PSAs.

Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer

Hot Jewish dads Samberg and Schaffer are two-thirds of the sketch comedy group The Lonely Island. The topics they sing and rap about, however, are definitely not synagogue appropriate: There’s “I Just Had Sex,” “Jizz In My Pants,” and let’s not forget their first single, “Dick in a Box.”  Still, we adore these guys’ bromance both in their skits and IRL.

Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner

It’s kind of perfect that Eichner and Klausner — two Jewish comedians who were raised in New York City — collaborated to make a Hulu series about, you know, disgruntled Jewish comedians in New York City. Also, it’s called Difficult People, and if that title isn’t like the quintessential definition of Tri-state area Jewry, then we honestly don’t know what is.

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