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The Hottest Jewish Celebrity Dads of 2018

Father’s Day is this Sunday. Whether or not you’re ready to honor to the dads in your lives — ummm, some of us are slackers when it comes to advance planning — what better excuse is there to objectify some super hot celebrity Jewish dads?

Our list is by no means comprehensive (nor objective — this is entirely the opinions of the Kveller team). Also, after a heated debate, we realized we couldn’t rank them because we all disagreed.

So, in no particular order, here are 9 seriously hot celebrity Jewish dads.

Adam Levine

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Levine, 39, married model Behati Prinsloo in 2014. The singer, who identifies as Jewish but not religious, has two daughters: Dusty Rose (born September 2016) and Gio Grace (born February 2018). A few weeks after the birth of his first daughter, he explained, ” I don’t know anything, but it’s kind of part of the beauty of it, honestly. There are a lot of instincts, a lot of things that kind of kick in and switch on. It’s a beautiful experience.” A beautiful experience and a beautiful man. (But we wonder: What does his Mom think of all his tattoos?)

Bonus butts:

Lenny Kravitz

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Kravitz, 54, is dad to the actress-singer-model Zoë Kravtiz (born December 1988) with seemingly ageless actress Lisa Bonet (who famously played Denise on The Cosby Show). Both Bonet and Kravitz are half-Black and half Russian-Jewish, and they divorced amicably in 1993. Incredible genes seem to run on all sides of the family: Kravitz and his daughter look like they could be siblings. He sweetly calls Zoë his “best friend and baby girl”  — clearly Kravitz is one to let love rule.

Andy Samberg

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Samberg, 39, is what we would like to call “Jewish hot.” Is he hot because he’s Jewish? Maybe. Is he still hot if he wasn’t? Definitely. (To clarify: We’re thinking Brooklyn 99-era Samberg, not Saturday Night Live-era Samberg.) In 2013, the Jewish actor married musician Joanna Newsom and in August 2017, Newsom and Samberg welcomed a baby girl. (Alas, no name, no photos — they’re a very private couple.) When talking to Chelsea Handler a few years before the birth of their child, Sandler said they hadn’t decided whether or not they would raise their kids Jewish.

Paul Rudd

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Rudd, 49, married Julie Yaeger in 2003 and they have two kids, Jack (born 2006) and Darby (born 2010). He has a mensch-y vibe going for him: attractive, but not like intimidating-attractive (like some other hot celebrity Jewish dads on this list [Ed. Note: see #9]). In terms of his hot dad status, he seems approachable. It’s Paul Rudd!

As the actor once explained, “My whole family is Jewish; my wife, Julie, is Jewish – there isn’t anyone in my family who isn’t Jewish.” Plus, in random Rudd dad news, he once helped a random couple make their pregnancy announcement go viral.

Jason Isaacs

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Put Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy out of your mind (unless you’re into that?). Isaacs, 55, is for sure a hot Jewish celebrity dad. He married Emma Hewitt in 2001, but they’ve been together since 1998. He is dad to Lily (born 2003) and Ruby (born 2006). Isaacs was born to Jewish parents in England, attended Jewish day school, and dealt with a lot of anti-Semitism. He explained, “There were constantly people beating us up or smashing windows. If you were ever, say, on a Jewish holiday, identifiably Jewish, there was lots of violence around. But particularly when I was 16, in 1979, the National Front were really taking hold, there were leaflets at school, and Sieg Heiling and people goose-stepping down the road and coming after us.” After Isaacs’ younger brother went to university, his parents moved to Israel.

Nate Berkus

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Berkus, 46, married Jeremiah Brent in 2014 (at a wedding that made Oprah cry). Berkus — who grew up in a Jewish family in Minneapolis —  is 100% a hot Jewish celebrity dad. (If you debate this, do you SEE him??). They have two kids: Poppy (born 2015) and Oskar (born 2018). Touchingly, Oskar is named after Berkus’s former partner, who died in the 2004 Sri Lankan tsunami.

Taika Waititi

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Waititi, 42, is a Jewish-Maori director, screenwriter, actor, and comedian. You probably know him from directing Thor: Ragnarok (a superhero movie that’s actually enjoyable), but soon everyone will know him because he’s working on a new film called Jojo Rabbit that stars Scarlett Johansson. It’s World War II-era film about a young
German boy who discovers his mom is hiding a Jewish girl in their home.

But back to hot Jewish celebrity dad status. Waititi and his wife Chelsea Winstanley have two daughters: Te Hinekāhu (born May 2012) and Matewa Kiritapu (born August 2015). (Waititi is also stepdad to Winstanley’s son from a previous relationship.) Waititi is known to rock a romper and has an amazing sense of style. Should Kveller turn into a Taika Waititi fan blog? Maybe. We love him very much, so stay tuned.

Adam Brody

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At 38, Brody is the youngest hot Jewish celebrity dad on this list. The Californian Jew, known for his role as another Californian Jew Seth Cohen on The O.C., married Gossip Girl queen Leighton Meester (who played Blair Waldorf) in 2014, and they welcomed a daughter, Arlo Day, in August 2015.

He recently talked about his daughter with People, “I do a nice morning hike with my daughter, that’s always a treat. It’s something to do in the wee hours of the morning when she’s up. It’s a good activity for both of us. We hike around our house … watching the sunrise with a kid is pretty fun. I have her in the [Baby] Björn.” Seth Cohen is a DAD!!

David Beckham

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Last, but certainly, definitely, absolutely not least, is Beckham, 43. (Yes, he’s Jewish, technically: His mom’s father was Jewish, and he considers himself half-Jewish. ) The soccer star (and sometime underwear model) married Victoria Adams (Posh Spice, duh) back in 1999, and they have four kids: Brooklyn (born 1999), Romeo (born 2002), Cruz (born 2005), and Harper (born 2011). Beckham should be included on any hot dad list, Jewish or otherwise.

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