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7 Times Natalie Portman Slayed Us with Her Acting Skills

Lately, Natalie Portman has been getting a lot of buzz, because she is playing Jackie Kennedy in the new biopic called “Jackie,” set for release on December 2. So far, the critics have raved about her performance, which got me thinking about Portman’s previous stellar films. Even though she’s only 35, she’s a master at her craft, considering she’s been acting since she was a child.

Here are seven of my favorite Natalie moments over the years:

1. When she was in “Léon: The Professional” and plays a girl who trains to be an assassin at age 12.

2. She played Anne Frank in “The Diary of Anne Frank,” which she received two Tony Award nominations for.

3. Portman broke everyone’s hearts in “Garden State.” Call it a pretentious film, but admit it, you still cried. 

4. Let’s not forget how she got pretty seductive in “Closer.”  

5. And she proved she’s even good in action films based off graphic novels in “V for Vendetta.” This is also why she shaved her head.

6. I’d be remiss not to mention “Black Swan,” the psychological thriller that earned her an Oscar.

7. That time she rapped on “SNL.” (Note: There is a lot of profanity in the lyrics.)

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