7 Unusual Uses for Baby Wipes That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier – Kveller
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7 Unusual Uses for Baby Wipes That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

I love those lists that inform you of different ways to use everyday items in your home. I don’t do any of them, but I like to ooh-and-ahh over, say, how baking soda can be used to clean your silver, assuming you have both baking soda and silver, or how vinegar can clean basically everything in the universe. But for moms, there is one item that is even more ubiquitous than under eye circles or Cheerios under your couch cushions, and that is….Baby wipes.

Here are seven alternate uses for these magical moist miracles:

1. Cleaning your dashboard.

You know when you’re stopped at a red light and you look at your dashboard and you wonder when the last time was that you got an interior car wash? And then you remember it was during that nesting period in pregnancy #1? Me either, of course. But, shhh, baby wipes are really good for cleaning inch-thick dust layers on your dash.

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2. Boob sweat.

Ah, summer! It’s like you’re Cindy Crawford in that iconic Pepsi commercial, except not. But you both have boob sweat, and, at least at that point, she did not have access to baby wipes. So you win. Except she wins, because she’s a supermodel.

3. Work touchup.

Big meeting with the boss but your preschooler wiped her snotty nose on your pants? Never fear, baby wipes are here! Didn’t you know they’re every WOHM’s best friend? Laptop cases should be made with a compartment for them. Don’t steal my million-dollar idea there.

4. Computer cleanup.

Did your toddler get hold of your laptop again and friend request your college ex-boyfriend? Can’t help you with that awkwardness, but I can suggest some handy dandy baby wipes to clean off the keys and the screen from those fruit-snack covered hands.

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5. Makeup freshening.

Do you look a little bit haggard by day’s end? Just wipe your cheeks with a baby wipe and you’ll get that dewy glow back in no time flat. Bonus: You’ll wipe away those Doritos crumbs from the snack you totally didn’t sneak during naptime.

6. Jewelry cleaning.

If you’re still naïve enough to wear your nice jewelry around the kids, you’re familiar with the Play-Doh that can get encrusted in your engagement ring. A baby wipe can help your jewelry sparkle like your eyes used to sparkle when you arose around noon on Saturdays.

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7. House cleaning.

What kind of degenerate housekeeper would use baby wipes to quickly and easily clean your powder room, including floor, sink, and even toilet seat, before your mother-in-law shows up? Not you! PS–the aloe scented wipes can approximate the lovely odor of actual cleaning products, which you’d remember if you had purchased any lately. No judgment!

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