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8 Feminist Hanukkah Gifts for the Whole Gang

Are you tired of scouring the Internet for the perfect Hanukkah gifts? Of course you are — that’s what led you here, right? Well, are you in luck, ’cause you’ve just landed on the best gift listicle (gifticle, if I may) in town.

To commemorate 2018 as the “Year of the Woman,” this Hanukkah we’re giving all our friends and family feminist inspired gifts: your new baby cousin gets a feminist gift, zayde gets a feminist gift, the intern at your office gets a feminist gift — everyone’s getting a feminist gift!

And by feminist gift, I don’t mean “Yas, Queen!” type of merchandise — I’m talking presents that foster gender equality and support women.

And the best part of these feminist gifts is that they’re a two-for-one: You’ll equip your friends and family with tools to smash the patriarchy and you get to cross off “Hanukkah shopping” from your never ending to-do list. Yay, feminism!

1. A feminist board book for boys 

board book

Jewish author Julie Merberg wanted to write a book called How Not to be A Dick (for Boys) and ended up with My First Book of Feminism (for Boys) — kind of the same idea, but different. Published by a woman-owned company, the board book for kids under 3 imparts the message that girls are smart, strong, and deserve respect.

2. “Cats Against Catcalls” t-shirt 


We all have that friend who has one too many cat t-shirts in their closet — and if you don’t, that person is probably you. Not only does this shirt have a clear feminist message, Feminist Apparel has pledged to donate 10 percent of all profits to grassroots organizations and nonprofits like RAINN and the ACLU.

3. Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissent collar cufflinks


In all honesty, I’ve never seen any of my three brothers sporting cufflinks. But I’m certain that if they had these badass, RBG-inspired ones, they would. (P.S. They are perfect for cuffing season.)

4. Boob socks 

boob socks

These unisex socks may seem like a gag gift, but in reality they’re a super-cute accessory that promotes body positivity. Adorned with drawings of breasts in all shapes and sizes, these socks help broaden society’s idea of what a woman’s chest can look like. Gift these to someone who’s not afraid to free the nipple!

5. Wonder Crew dolls wonder crew

This line of dolls inspired by boys (though not exclusively for boys) encourages empathy and healthy relationships — and it was invented by a Jewish mom! Wonder Crew teaches boys — and girls — that it’s OK to cry and express sensitive emotions. So if you were thinking of buying an action figure or stuffed animal for a youngin’, a Wonder Crew doll may serve them better in the long run.

6. Nevertheless She Persisted ring 

This ring is feminist, fashionable, and iconic — the trifecta of a killer Hanukkah gift. Buying jewelry for someone can be difficult, especially when you don’t know their ring size (or taste). But, being adjustable and engraved with the feminist battlecry (hi, Elizabeth Warren), this is sure to be a success. (And if it’s not, you can always forward it to me!)

7. The Nasty Woman game

nasty woman

This game is like Cards Against Humanity, but with a feminist twist. The prompts facilitate powerful discussions about society and teaches players about female leaders throughout history. So, yeah, it’s pretty educational and great for teens — but, like any deck of cards, it can be turned into a hilarious drinking game. Oh, and it comes from Shrill Society, AKA the makers of the original Nasty Woman shirt, so you know your money is going to a good place.

8. Pink Pussy hat 

pussy hat

As long as the fight for women’s rights continues, the pink pussy hat will never go out of style. Gift this to someone participating in the Women’s March in January, or anyone who just needs a warm beanie. The best part? All the proceeds from the hand knitted beanies are donated to Planned Parenthood.

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