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8 Israeli Snacks Your Kids Will Love for School

Everyone loves snacks, especially snacks that are sweet and savory and just delicious (because why should you have to choose?!).

Since your kids are going back to school soon, we rounded up some of our favorite and most popular Israeli and Jewish snacks, as a way to make eating lunch at school that much sweeter.

These are our favorites below:

1. Bamba (duh!)


Bamba is a peanut butter snack that some scientists and researchers have even speculated is the reason many Israeli kids don’t have peanut allergies. 

2. Bissli


Bissli is crunchy and comes in flavors like grill, bbq, pizza, and falafel. Yessss. Pizza flavored anything is always a good idea.

3. Krembo


Krembo is a delicious kosher vanilla cream snack. Need we say more?

4. Pretzels


The Israeli pretzels come in all sorts of fun options, like sticks, circles, and flavors including salted, sesame seeds and salt, cream-cheese-onion, chili, cinnamon-honey and chocolate-covered. Hellooooo.

5. Klik

Kilk, Strauss-Elite/Unilever

Klik snacks are heavenly pieces of chocolate-covered goodies that come in varieties like cornflakes, pretzels and wafers.

6. Milky


Milky is a chocolate pudding with whipped cream on top. Um, yes. What a fun little treat.

7. Wafers


Wafers come in cookies comes amazing flavors like chocolate, lemon, and vanilla.

8. Apropo

Apropo are corn snacks (like Fritos, basically), so I mean, it’s going to be addictive.

Also, here’s a hilarious video of Americans trying Israeli snacks:

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