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9 Stylish Modest Swimsuits $50 and Under

Now that summer is here, it means one thing, especially when you have young kids: There’s going to be A LOT of pool and beach time. That means, it’s swimsuit season.

Unlike other magazines, I’m not going to tell you it’s time to get the “perfect beach body” (because, um, you already have a beautiful body no matter what shape or size it is!), or that you NEED all the latest swimsuit fashions that cost upwards of $70 (because who wants to spend that much on something you don’t wear year-round?).

Instead, I rounded up some modest swimsuits for $50 and under–because you know, food doesn’t buy itself. What you decide to wear, of course, is a personal choice that reflects your personality and beliefs. For many women, modesty is important–although the summer months can prove to be a difficult time when dressing modestly–which Mayim has written about herself.

Of course, modesty means different things for different women, whether that means wearing sleeves, sleeveless, or not showing your midriff, it’s a choice every woman makes for herself.

This is why I rounded up a range of swim suit options, so you don’t have to spend too much time trying to find a reasonably priced swimsuit.

Here are my favorites below:

1. Modestsea 2-piece anchor suit, $50

modest swimsuit

I personally love anything nautical, and it looks like a cute dress, not just a swim suit.

2. Modestsea empire dress suit, $50

modest swimsuit

The green piping and checkered top gives it a fun edge.

3. Wantdo floral swimsuit, $20-25, multiple colors

modest swimsuit

Besides the fact that it comes in blue, orange, and pink, I love the fact that it looks like a sun dress. The sleeves on this are shorter and billowy, which gives it a cute touch.

4. Hilor one piece plus-size swimsuit, $28.99

modest swimsuit

This one comes in four different color variations–personally, of course, I love the black because it matches with any accessory.

5. Juruaa Women’s floral swimsuit, $25.99

modest swim suit

This one comes in four floral pattern and color variations and is reminiscent of 1950s fashion–which always looks classic.

6. MiYang two pieces halter swim dress, $17-23

modest swim dress

It comes in red and blue. It’s hard not to love a polka dot and ruffles combination.

7. Cocoship one piece swimsuit, $26.99

modest swim suit

Because flamingos! It also comes in black and white polka dots and blue and white anchors.

8. NINEWE plus-size suit, $27.99

modest swimsuit

This one comes in six color and pattern variations, although my favorite is the cherry print. Can you tell I’m into retro inspired-fashion?

9. Danify one piece swim dress, $20-30

modest swim dress

This comes in five different colors, ranging from pastel pink to black.

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